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Freedom Baptist Church Freedom Baptist Church

Photo Gallery: FBC Members Photo Gallery: FBC Members

FBC Members

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Robert, Wanda, and Jaclyn Wisecarver
Viewed 398 times
Pat Gray
Viewed 419 times
Cindy and Marla Griffith
Viewed 412 times
Karen Wagoner
Viewed 410 times
Pastor Billy and Angela Louya, Cameron, Preston
Viewed 473 times
Debbie and Macana Goins
Viewed 465 times
Ray and LeighAnn Sisler, Alex, Noah, and Emma
Viewed 461 times
Frank and Linda Leonard
Viewed 462 times
William and Peggy Carter
Viewed 464 times
Gene Adkins
Viewed 462 times
Albert Fritz
Viewed 451 times
Mabel Couch
Viewed 412 times
Preacher Jerry and Elaine Atkins
Viewed 419 times
Chris and Chelsea Kindley and family
Viewed 389 times
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